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Recent studies have established a connection between the gut microbiome and lifelong health. The first years are critical in establishing a healthy and balanced microbiome, but also building a lasting foundation for health. Probiotics have also been shown to contribute to the developing microbiome during this critical time. From supplementing the beneficial bacteria in breast milk to improving nutrient absorption and more, learn about the benefits of probiotics for infants.

Jan 24, 2018  |  Baby

6 Ways to Support Your Baby's Immune Health Development

Those first few years of your baby’s life are filled with precious moments, from their first smile to those first wobbly steps. Though you can’t see it, something important is happening inside your baby as well. Their gut microbiome—the microbes and bacteria that live mainly in their tummy—is developing.

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Nov 13, 2017  |  Baby

What’s not to love about a newborn baby? If you’re a new mom—and even if you’re a mom who’s been there before—there’s a good chance you’re nervous and stressed out about keeping your newborn healthy. Pediatrician and children’s health expert Dr. Jen Trachtenberg° offers up five doctor-approved tips to help you and your baby rest easier.

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