Help Your Family Stay Healthy this Season with Culturelle®*

Now more than ever it is important to keep your family healthy. Culturelle® Immune Defense leverages a powerful blend of ingredients to deliver super immune support.* Adding Culturelle® Immune Defense into the daily health regimen can help keep everyone’s immune systems strong and prepared for whatever the day may bring!*

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Culturelle® IBS Complete Support

For the dietary management of IBS, Culturelle® IBS Complete Support is clinically shown to help relieve the intensity & reduce the frequency of severe digestive symptoms associated with all types of IBS. Imagine life with more symptom free days!

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Most Trusted Probiotic Brandϕ

Why trust your family’s immune and digestive health to Culturelle®? Because  Culturelle® is highly trusted by the medical professional community and uses the proven probiotic backed by over 30 years of research to be safe and efficacious.††

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A Statement from Culturelle® on COVID‑19
Culturelle® does not prevent the Coronavirus. We recommend following the CDC guidelines of washing your hands and social distancing. We also recommend taking Culturelle® probiotics daily to support your immune system and to help keep you healthy during this uncertain time.

Supplements rooted in science.

With products for every member in the family, help maintain your digestive and immune health with Culturelle® probiotic formulas*.

New Probiotic Gummies

Introduce your taste buds to delicious berry flavored gummies! With new selectively chosen strains, it’s a gummy you can feel good about!

Customer Reviews

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Culturelle® Digestive Daily Probiotic Capsules

"I take this daily when digestive issues start to surface and it really helps set my body straight! I feel great physically now that I have been using Culturelle."

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Culturelle® 3-in-1 Complete Probiotic

"The Culturelle you know and love, plus heart health, which has not been offered in a probiotic like this before. Seems like a total added bonus to me!"

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Culturelle® Kids Purely Probiotics Packets

"These have made a huge difference for my son. He is a very picky eater and that has made me worry about his digestive health and immune health."

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Culturelle® Baby Grow + Thrive Probiotics + Vitamin D Drops

"Culturelle Baby has been a lifesaver. My baby's digestion has improved and he experiences less discomfort and gas. I would definitely recommend for every baby."

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Get the scoop on how the ingredients in Culturelle® probiotic supplements —like Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG®)— can support your health today and tomorrow.*

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