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Women are built different, so we built a different probiotic

It’s Women’s History Month, cheers to you, to your health, to feeling your best inside and out.*


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Women’s Healthy Balance

Built for Women

Women are built different, so we built a different probiotic. Culturelle® Women’s Healthy Balance, the science backed probiotic blend to help balance vaginal pH with the most clinically studied strain known for digestive and immune support.*


For Mom’s Who Need Relief

As a parent, an inconsolable infant can leave you feeling helpless. Too often, tummy troubles are the source of this occasional distress. Probiotic drops, like Culturelle® Baby Digestive Calm and Comfort Probiotics Drops, are designed to help support baby’s health by boosting digestion, alleviating occasional digestive upset, and reducing the associated fussiness and crying to help put your baby—and you—at ease.*

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“Culturelle 3-1 is great tasting as well as a great working probiotic. In my opinion there Is nothing that matches it.”

“All the products from this brand are amazing. I use them for my kiddos, husband, and myself. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

”I love Culturelle probiotics! I give them to my daughters too!“