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Kids Regularity Kids Regularity
Culturelle ® Pro-Well ™ 3-in-1

Enter to Win and Save $5

Discover The Healthiest You Ever with help from Culturelle® Pro-Well™ 3-in-1. Gain exclusive access to wellness content, supportive tips, and opportunities to win great prizes like a spa retreat to Red Mountain Resort!*

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Pro Well 3in1 Pro Well 3in1
Pro Well 3in1

Support Your Health in 3 Ways!*

Only NEW Pro-Well 3-in-1 Complete Formula combines probiotics and omega-3s to support your heart, digestive & immune health.*

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Kids Regularity Kids Regularity
Kids Regularity Gentle-Go

Help Your Child Stay Regular With a Probiotic & Fiber!*

NEW Culturelle Kids Regularity Gentle-Go Formula, the safe, gentle and drug-free way to help restore regularity in children.*

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Probiotic Capsules Probiotic Capsule
Culturelle® Probiotic Advantage

The Culturelle® Probiotic Advantage

With the #1 clinically studied probiotic strain, Culturelle® helps support your entire family’s‡‡‡ Health & Wellness everyday.*††

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  • “I tried at least two name brands in the market and they were doing really nothing to me. I tried Culturelle - Digestive Health and it has been WONDERFUL. What a change!”
    Maria F.
  • “Thank you for helping make a difficult situation a little easier in our family.”
    Melissa W.
  • “It is wonderful to be surprised and rewarded with a product that delivers more than advertised. I recommend it highly.”
    Frank L.
  • “I have tons more energy & my body finally feels like it’s working happily on a daily basis. I am totally amazed with this product & highly recommend it.”
    Shari H.
  •  “She is happier, eating better and seems more relaxed. Thank you Culturelle for changing my five year olds’ life and ours.”
    Jennifer S.
  • “Thank you so much Culturelle - this product will be a part of my daily routine forever!”
    Carmen C.