Baby Products

Trust your baby’s developing digestive and immune systems with safe and gentle baby probiotics from the #1 Pediatrician recommended probiotic brand.*

Culturelle baby calm and comfort product box

Helps you soothe your baby with a safe and gentle probiotic strain that works naturally to help reduce fussiness and crying due to occasional digestive upset.*

Culturelle baby grow and thrive drops product box

Help develop a healthy digestive system for better nutrient absorption, help promote the development of a healthy immune system and supplement the good bacteria found in breast milk. These baby drops use safe, gentle ingredients.*

Culturelle baby grow and thrive packets product box

Help continue to build a strong foundation for your toddler's healthy development. These packets use safe, gentle ingredients to help support their digestive and immune system as well as supplement the good bacteria found in breast milk.*

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Reach Microbiome Milestones with the ingredients in Culturelle® Baby Probiotics*

Help keep your baby’s digestive system and gut microbiota balanced and healthy to set the foundation for a lifetime of growth and development with Culturelle® Baby.*