SafeSustainable Weight Management*

Culturelle Metabolism + Weight Management
For Safe Weight Management*
Promotes Healthy Metabolism & Supports Energy Production*
Contributes to a Healthy Lifestyle

How it Works

Culturelle weight management bottle will pills spilling out
  • One daily capsule is caffeine and stimulant free making it safe for everyday use.

  • Manages your weight through the power of probiotics + B vitamins*

  • Helps to promote the metabolism of fats, carbs & proteins*

  • Made from purple carrot concentrate, they are vegetarian and allergy friendly.

The Microbiome’s Role in Weight Management

The composition of the gut microbiome may impact a person’s metabolism and caloric intake. As a result, your gut microbiome may be a contributing factor to your overall weight. Culturelle® Metabolism + Weight Management uses a proprietary blend of clinically proven probiotics and high potency B vitamins to work naturally with your gut microbiome to help safely manage weight.*

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5 stars

Weight Management

I really like the Culturelle Metabolism + Weight Management. I like that it is caffeine and stimulant free. I would recommend this product to family and friends!

– Tere123_5