Meet the Winning School of Project Playground!

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Apr 26, 2018  |  Kids
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Congratulations to North Vernon Elementary School of North Vernon, Indiana, the Grand Prize Winner of the first Culturelle® Kids Project Playground Search!

Culturelle® is committed to keeping kids healthy and promoting the immune health benefits that come with outdoor play. That’s why we launched Project Playground, pledging a $100,000 grant toward a dream playground for one school in need. Thanks to nearly 126,000 votes that poured in from around the country, North Vernon Elementary School was chosen to win a brand-new playground, compliments of Culturelle® Kids!

About the School

The playground at North Vernon Elementary School will serve approximately 700 students. It will also be used by the community, as it ties into the walking path around the neighborhood. In addition to providing the opportunity to climb and play, the playground will be more accessible, ensuring all children have a safe and inviting area to play.

Karen Villa, principal of the school, shared her excitement for her community. “We believe that our school district and community can be ‘Stronger Together’ and have committed ourselves to that ideal,” said Villa. “North Vernon Elementary School winning this playground grant has given us the opportunity to turn our words into action! The collaborative efforts of our community to reach out and ask for support for this grant from contacts locally and nationwide are our success story.”

North Vernon Elementary School will spend one day this summer building their dream playground with the help of KaBOOM!, a national non-profit dedicated to giving all kids the childhood they deserve filled with balanced and active play, so they can thrive. Stay tuned to hear more updates on their playground build!

Outdoor Play: Essential to Kids’ Healthy Development

Culturelle® Kids, the #1 pediatrician-recommended kids probiotic brand, understands the importance of outdoor play to a child’s immune health and overall wellbeing. Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe that recess is a crucial and necessary component of a child’s development.1 This includes promoting physical health, promoting social learning, developing interpersonal communication skills and learning stress management.

Feel Good Inside—Get Outside!

Culturelle® Kids wants all kids to feel good inside. Here are some of our favorite outdoor games to help kids get moving this spring!

  • Visit the dollar store for toys like hula hoops, Frisbees and jump ropes. Hang the hula hoop from a branch in the backyard and score points by sailing the Frisbee through the hoop!
  • Go old-school with a kickball game. Cut out cardboard squares for bases and let the good times roll!
  • Draw a hopscotch path with sidewalk chalk. Kids could also use sidewalk chalk to play hangman or tic-tac-toe, or let their imagination go wild creating a make-believe town.
  • Build your very own cornhole set. Break down two cardboard boxes, cut a hole in each of them and fill plastic sandwich bags with uncooked rice or beans. Voila!
  • Heading outside right as the sun is setting for flashlight tag. It’s a fun way to squeeze in last-minute exercise and fresh air before dark—and helps to tire them out before bed.2
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