Culturelle® Strong Beginning Probiotic + DHA Drops

Ingredients to help promote healthy growth and development plus supports brain and eye health*

Designed to help create a strong foundation for your baby by promoting the development of healthy digestive & immune systems plus supporting brain and eye health*

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Giving baby a strong start*

Building a strong foundation for your baby is essential in making sure they are healthy and happy. Culturelle® Baby Strong Beginning Probiotic + DHA builds that strong foundation by promoting healthy growth and development*. The safe and effective ingredients in Culturelle® Baby Strong Beginning supplement the good bacteria and DHA found in breast milk. Trust the #1 Pediatrician recommended brand±, Culturelle®, with your baby’s health and wellness.*

Benefits of Culturelle® Baby Strong Beginning

  • Promotes the development of healthy digestive & immune systems*
  • With DHA to support baby’s brain & eye development*

How does it work?

During infancy, DHA is an essential building block for children’s cognitive, social, emotional and behavioral development*. With 70mg of safe and effective DHA, Culturelle® Baby Strong Beginning supports baby’s brain and eye development*. Coupled with the proven probiotics Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12 to help support digestive and immune health, Culturelle® Baby Strong Beginning gives your baby the best possible start*. Easy to use, dispense the drops into baby’s mouth, or bottle.

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What is DHA and why does my baby need DHA?

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is an essential fatty acid that is naturally found in breast milk, the brain and eyes. During infancy, DHA is an essential building block for cognitive, social, emotional and behavioral development*. Culturelle® Baby Strong Beginning contains 70mg of DHA to support baby’s brain and eye development*.

What do probiotics do for my baby?

The first year of your baby’s life is a critical time for healthy development. Often that translates to milestones like the first smile, first steps, and even first solid foods. Another important milestone is the Microbiome Milestone, which is the colonization of good bacteria in the gut that helps shape lifetime health. Containing proven probiotics, Culturelle® Baby Strong Beginnings helps support digestive and immune health to give your baby the best possible head start.

What is the Culturelle difference?

Culturelle® Baby Probiotic Drops are the first and only baby probiotic that ensures a consistent amount every time. In other baby probiotic products, the probiotic cultures settle to the bottom resulting in an inconsistent probiotic amount and limited benefits to your baby. Culturelle® utilizes a patent pending probiotic suspension technology to ensure the cultures are uniformly suspended in the solution; providing a consistent amount every time, so your baby get the most benefit. That is the Culturelle® difference.

Is there any flavor?

  • There is no added flavor to the probiotic. The naturally occurring taste of the product has a slightly fermented flavor.
  • Culturelle® Baby Strong Beginning is allergy friendly. It is free from Dairy, Gluten, Sugar and Soy. It is safe for every day, long-term use.

Can my baby have too much DHA (especially if it is in the formula, I give them)?

Currently, the US hasn’t established an RDI/upper limit for DHA, however guidelines from other countries and authoritative organizations recommend various daily amounts, ranging from 70 mg to more than 200 mg of DHA each day. Published studies support amounts over of 500 mg of DHA supplementation for infants daily. Based on the DHA amounts added to standard infant formulas, infants who consume both DHA-supplemented formulas and Culturelle Baby Strong Beginning may consume a range of DHA amounts from 82-185 mg each day. This falls well within the various guidelines mentioned, however, all dietary supplements should be discussed with your baby’s healthcare provider.

Directions for Use

Directions for Use:

Directions for 0-24 months:

Provide one serving daily.

Fill dropper to solid line and dispense directly into baby’s mouth or bottle.

Refrigerate after opening and use within two months to ensure the highest quality of DHA in every serving.

Shake before use.

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