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Culturelle® Prenatal Wellness Probiotic Chewables

Promotes baby’s healthy development while also supporting mom’s digestive and immune health*

  • Supports baby’s healthy immune system and development*
  • Promotes mom’s digestive and immune health before, during and after pregnancy*
  • Maintains the natural balance of good bacteria and yeast for vaginal health during this important time*
PKG Size

Designed for Expecting Moms and Their Babies

Pregnancy and breastfeeding offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to nourish the right bacteria at a critical time for your baby’s lifelong health. That’s why Culturelle® Prenatal Wellness promotes baby’s and mom’s digestive, immune and overall health with a unique probiotic blend designed for one of the most crucial times in your baby’s development.*

Each serving delivers 12 billion CFUs combining the scientifically proven probiotic, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, for digestive and immune health with a blend of four lactobacilli for vaginal health,  and overall health.* These strains work together to support mom’s intestinal and vaginal microbiomes.* Even better, you get this safe and gentle support in an easy-to-take chewable.*


How Taking a Daily Probiotic is Important for You and Your Baby

There are many things that can throw off the bacterial balance in your gastrointestinal microbiome like stress, diet and certain medications. This imbalance can lead to occasional digestive upset and impact overall wellness. Not only that, but a woman’s body is under the most stress during pregnancy. So supporting mom’s digestive and vaginal health is vitally important. 

When you take Culturelle® with this unique probiotic blend designed for expecting moms, you help restore your natural balance of bacteria to keep your digestive system running smoothly and support your overall health.* And this prenatal formula also works to support baby’s healthy digestion, immune health and development before, during and after pregnancy.* Because probiotics are most effective when taken every day to keep restocking good bacteria in your digestive tract, be sure to make Culturelle® a part of your daily routine. 

So you can feel your best every day. And help your baby enjoy lifelong health.

Directions for Use

Comes in a mixed fruit flavored chewable.

  1. For use before, during and after pregnancy, including while breastfeeding.
  2. Chew one (1) tablet daily.
No Dairy
No Wheat
No Eggs
No Tree Nuts
No Peanuts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Health and happiness go hand in hand. Did you know that the bacteria that live in your gut are essential to you and your baby’s overall health? During pregnancy, it is important to establish and maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria to get your baby off to the best possible start. Probiotics have the power to help support the healthy development of your baby by promoting a natural balance in your gut microbiome.* Safe for both mom and baby, Culturelle® Prenatal Wellness Probiotic was designed to support mom’s digestive, immune and feminine health*.

  • Culturelle® is the most trusted probiotic brandφ. You can feel confident that you are making a healthy choice for you and your baby during this precious time in your life.
  • Contains strains specifically tested in pregnant women and are proven safe for you and baby.
  • Culturelle®, the #1 Pediatrician recommended probiotic brand, uses safe and gentle ingredients for mom and baby.
  • Culturelle® Prenatal Wellness Probiotic contains both LGG® (Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG), the most extensively studied probiotic strain in infants, and a unique probiotic blend designed for expecting moms, to promote baby’s healthy development and support mom’s digestive, immune and feminine health*
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG®) is naturally sourced and has been studied intensely in over 1,000 scientific studies and over 200 human clinical trials to determine its safety and effectiveness.††
  • Safe for both mom and baby, Culturelle® Prenatal Wellness Probiotic works by supporting mom’s digestive, immune and feminine health*. It is made of safe, gentle and proven ingredients including naturally sourced Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG. In a delicious mixed fruit flavored chewable, Culturelle® Prenatal Wellness Probiotic is designed for use before, during and after pregnancy, including while breastfeeding and as a companion to your prenatal multivitamin.
  • The delicious mixed fruit flavored chewable is free from gluten, soy, sugar and dairy. It contains no artificial dyes or preservatives and is completely drug free

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