Culturelle® IBS Complete Support

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  • Relieves abdominal pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhea due to IBS
  • Complements Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Changes
  • Convenient one-a-day dose in easy to use, flavorless packets

Expected back in stock in February 2023

Size: 28ct



The Microbiome & Managing IBS

There is no cure for IBS, but there are things you can do to ease the severity and duration of your symptoms. When you have an imbalance in your gut’s microbiome, it can trigger IBS symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, gas, constipation and/or diarrhea. Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support helps at the source of your issues by using HMO bioactive prebiotics to selectively feed good bacteria. Restoring the balance of bacteria in the gut microbiome may help by strengthening the gut barrier which may improve the health of your gut and balance your digestive system.

HMO Bioactive Prebiotics

HMOs (human milk oligosaccharides) are unique prebiotics naturally found in breastmilk that help fortify and build a healthy gut. By replicating two of those nutrients in Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support, our ingredients work naturally with your body to make real changes to target the source of your digestive issues (the HMOs in our product are not from human milk). In an open label, non-placebo-controlled study with more than 300 participants, people using Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support every day reported improvements in their symptoms:

  • 58% reduction of days with abdominal pain
  • Decreased bloating by 59%
  • More normal bowel movements

Find Relief with Culturelle® IBS Complete Support

Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support is to be used only under medical supervision and direction. Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support helps you nutritionally manage your symptoms, such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Your healthcare provider may choose to recommend Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support along with prescribing medication or other products.

Since Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support makes real changes in your gut microbiome, it’s not unusual to experience some mild discomfort initially, such as gas and bloating. This is normal and a good sign. Your microbiome is starting to work the way it should to restore balance and help relieve IBS symptoms. Shown in an open label non-placebo-controlled  study to address IBS symptoms within 4 weeks.

Culturelle’s packaged for protection guaranteed pouch detailsCulturelle’s packaged for protection guaranteed pouch details

Directions for Use

Comes in single serve packets. For adults and children 12 years of age and older.

  1. Take one (1) stick pack per day 
  2. Dissolve contents of 1 packet in water or other beverage or sprinkle on top of any food. Power easily mixes with foods & drinks, hot or cold. 
  3. Consume immediately after opening the packet
  • Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support is an odorless powder with neutral taste. It imparts no taste in any flavored food or drink. In water, may have a slight (mild) sweetness. 
  • Please use under medical supervision. Dosage can be altered as directed by a healthcare provider. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) are a type of complex carbohydrate found in breast milk. They’re known as natural digestive nutrients because of their prebiotic properties. Prebiotics work with your body to help support the balance of good bacteria your body needs.

Simply put, HMOs work by selectively nourishing and stimulating the growth of your own good gut bacteria, activating them to thrive and outperform bad bacteria. Their benefits in breast milk have long been known to help build and fortify healthy guts in infants, and studies show they can benefit adult gut health as well by targeting the source of gut issues and making real changes to your digestive system.

No. We mirrored these natural digestive nutrients to create our own unique and targeted nutrient formulation. Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support doesn’t contain human milk, but just like nature’s own HMOs, our ingredients can help restore balance in your gut microbiome, ultimately helping relieve your digestive symptoms.

Probiotics used for the digestive system work by introducing good bacteria into your body to rebalance your own microbiome. HMOs are unique targeted prebiotics in that they nourish only select gut bacteria so that your microbiota produces the nutrients your body needs to help restore balance in your gut. In other words, HMOs work naturally with your body to make real changes to your microbiota.

Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support is a medical food and should be taken under the supervision of a doctor. It is formulated to help relieve the severity and frequency of IBS symptoms in adults (12 and older). Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support may be used by all IBS subtypes including IBS-M, IBS-C and IBS-D patients.

It may contain traces of lactose (milk), however the amount of lactose contained is very small and ordinarily too low to trigger any symptoms of lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerant participants in a clinical trial reported no adverse events.

We’re sensitive to food sensitivities and allergies, which is why we created Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support to be free from: artificial flavors, sweeteners, and coloring; yeast; preservatives; gluten; GMOs; soy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, eggs, fish, and shellfish.

Yes, Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support is FODMAP-friendly! Not all oligosaccharides are covered by the “O” in FODMAP. The FODMAP oligosaccharides generally contain the sugar, fructose, and are found in vegetables, fruits, legumes, etc. These FODMAP oligosaccharides are digested by a large number of intestinal bacteria, many of which produce gases that generate symptoms such as bloating. The human milk oligosaccharides in Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support do not contain fructose. Also, because of their unique structure, only a very small number of specific intestinal bacteria can digest them, and these specific bacteria are not known gas producers.

Since Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support makes real changes in your gut microbiome, it is not unusual to experience some mild side effects when you start taking it. Research shows that over 96% of people who participated in our clinical study found the HMOs contained in Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support to be tolerable. The most common temporary side effects were mild gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms such as abdominal pain, gas, and bloating. These are perfectly normal and actually an indication that your microbiome is beginning to improve. These sensations tend to disappear without any intervention after a few days, though for some people it may take slightly longer for their system to settle. While it might feel a little unpleasant during these first days, know that these are signs that your microbiome is changing to help you reclaim control of your digestive health, so it’s worth sticking with it. If you are still experiencing these symptoms after the first few weeks but they are manageable, it is perfectly safe to continue with the products. Your gut will find a new balance by itself within the first month or two. If, however, you experience any more serious side effects, such as nausea or increased IBS symptoms, you should stop taking the product and seek advice from your doctor.

In our clinical study, patients reported significant benefits in 4 weeks. Participants have told us that they start seeing changes after 1-2 weeks. Everyone is different, so it may take your gut microbiome a little longer to rebalance. Developed for daily and proactive dietary management of IBS, continued daily use is suggested to help sustain nutritional support.

In an open label clinical study of over 300 participants, patients using Culturelle™ IBS Complete Support everyday reported significant improvement in their symptoms:

  • Fewer days with stomach pain
  • More normal bowel movements
  • Reduced bloating severity
  • Quality of life improvements as reported by users – such as energy, mood, and irritability