Culturelle Probiotics Real User Stories & Product Reviews

Probiotic Reviews

Culturelle Probiotics Real User Stories & Product Reviews

People Don't Just Say This About Any Probiotic

Read reviews and real stories of people who trust their digestive and immune health to the #1 premium probiotic supplement, Culturelle.†††*

Not all probiotics are created equal, so be sure you choose a probiotic that’s been tried and trusted by others to really work!  Whether it be problems like occasional digestive upset, gas, bloating, or diarrhea or simply a desire to preserve your overall health & wellness, read these real life stories and reviews to uncover some of the many ways Culturelle probiotic supplements can help.* 

And be sure to check out our new “Reviews” TV commercial to see how Culturelle has made a positive difference in the lives of real users. Once you’ve read through these reviews and stories, share your own personal Culturelle review below or buy your favorite Culturelle Probiotic now.

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Real Stories & Reviews

“Thank you for helping make a difficult situation a little easier in our family.” - Melissa W.
“I have tons more energy & my body finally feels like it’s working happily on a daily basis. I am totally amazed with this product & highly recommend it.” - Shari H.
“Thank you so much Culturelle - this product will be a part of my daily routine forever!” - Carmen C.
“I tried at least two name brands in the market and they were doing really nothing to me. I tried Culturelle - Digestive Health and it has been WONDERFUL. What a change!” - Maria F.
“It is wonderful to be surprised and rewarded with a product that delivers more than advertised. I recommend it highly.” - Frank L.
 “She is happier, eating better and seems more relaxed. Thank you Culturelle for changing my five year olds’ life and ours.” - Jennifer S.
“For several months, I was having some digestive problems. We were getting ready to leave for a 10-day trip to Walt Disney World early October 2014 and I didn’t want to be bothered with stomach/intestinal upset. I started taking Culturelle a few days before we left and, as suggested, took two a day for the entire trip. I must say I haven’t felt this great in a long time! The trip was fantastic thanks to your product. We’ve been home for several weeks and I still feel wonderful! It got my digestive system back on track. I only wish I had found Culturelle sooner. Thanks for a fabulous product. I love it!” - Judy S.
“My doctor recommended Culturelle Digestive Health to me. I was complaining of digestive upset, bloating, and discomfort. I had been previously taking another brand of probiotic for about two years. I purchased Culturelle Digestive Health and noticed the difference! It was like night and day from my previous probiotic. All of my symptoms went away. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has digestive concerns.” - Lorraine T.
“I saw the commercial for your product and figured what do I have to lose! So here I am 4 days later out of [digestive] pain and way less belching after all these years - what a relief. Thank you so much for this wonderful product I am going to tell everyone.” - Joanna B.
“This is the choice for me whenever I have upset stomach or diarrhea. Works great!” - W.O.
“Culturelle has made a difference in the way I feel daily. I feel really good, and it has also worked on my immune system.” - Martha T.
 “Your Digestive Health Probiotic has changed my 9 year old daughter’s life, therefore changing this mom’s life!!! After heavy doses of fiber gummies [and other products], nothing was working. My daughter was afraid to go anywhere in public. She has been taking your probiotic for about 4 weeks and has become so regular with her bowel movements that I am chalking it up to a miracle that you provided.  She no longer complains of tummy problems!! Thank you, thank you!!!!” - Ann Marie K.
“On my own, I decided to try a probiotic and the pharmacist at my local grocery store recommended Culturelle. The quality of my everyday life has been greatly improved. I can’t thank you enough for making this product available. I take one every single day and  hope to never be without it.” - Susan H.
“I take one Culturelle every single day of my life. Culturelle has saved me from so much [digestive] pain over the years, it’s amazing. I never miss a day!” - Diana B.
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