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For helping to reduce occasional infant digestive upset to building a strong foundation of health for your baby, there’s Culturelle® Baby Probiotics.*

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Probiotics for Babies

During the first two years of your baby’s life, forming a healthy microbiome is critical. Studies suggest a linkage between the development of your baby's microbiome and their digestive and immune health.

In fact, there are several factors that contribute to a healthy micorobiome and some of them start before birth. Things like a healthy pregnancy, medications, how the baby was delivered and even fed contribute to the health of the microbiome and ultimately the health of your baby.

Baby probiotic and the four steps of colonization

Factors that contribute to a healthy microbiome

A healthy pregnancy

  • Promotes exposure to the right bacteria in the placenta

Mode of delivery

  • A full term vaginal birth introduces beneficial bacteria at birth

Cautious use of medication 

  • Certain medications disrupt the balance of good and non beneficial bacteria in baby’s gut


  • Breastfeeding provides good bacteria that help promote a healthy gut, as well as antibodies to help protect baby while their own immune system is developing

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Through amniotic fluid, babies receive their first exposure to beneficial bacteria from their mother before they’re even born. But, keeping up a healthy microbiome—the bacterial makeup of the gut--isn’t always straightforward. Adding a daily probiotic like those in Culturelle® Baby Grow + Thrive, can help sustain the balance of good and non-beneficial bacteria into their gut—a critical factor in children’s health.* A balanced gut contributes to a child’s health and development, supports a healthy immune system, and boosts digestion and nutrient absorption. Safe for babies, Culturelle® Baby works naturally with your baby’s body.*

Help soothe your baby’s occasional digestive upset

Keeping your baby healthy and happy is your top priority as a parent. Culturelle® Baby Calm + Comfort works naturally with your baby’s body to help reduce fussiness and crying.*§ From the #1 pharmacist recommended probiotic brand††††, Culturelle® Baby Calm + Comfort contains ingredients to help reduce infant digestive problems to help you sooth your baby.*§

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Help your baby reach their Microbiome Milestones with Culturelle® Baby

Trust Culturelle® Baby Probiotics to help keep your baby’s gut microbiota balanced and healthy, setting the foundation for a lifetime of strong growth and development.*

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