Keep Kids Feeling Like Kids

Help keep your kids healthy, their immune systems strong and their digestive tract running smoothly with the ingredients in Culturelle® Kids Regularity*

Child Looking Distressed
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When kids need a little extra help staying regular

A kid who doesn’t always go easily is an uncomfortable and unhappy kid. You want the best for your child, so opt for the gentle and safe solution. From the #1 Pediatrician Recommended probiotic brand for kids, Culturelle® Kids Regularity supplement, with a probiotic and fiber, works in harmony with the body to help gently balance your kids digestive function and get them feeling their best.*


Probiotics for Children

For day-to-day digestive support, Culturelle® offers a line dedicated to kids. When you use probiotics for kids like Culturelle® Kids Daily Probiotic in packets or chewables, you’re introducing good bacteria into their gastrointestinal tract.* Taken every day, this good bacteria helps maintain the natural balance in your child’s digestive and immune system, easing occasional digestive distress and allowing their bodies to function properly and support their general well-being.*

Red Apple and Sliced Apple

Culturelle® Kids probiotics are available in packets and chewables.


For when your child needs that little extra "push", there’s Culturelle® Kids Regularity

Culturelle® Kids Regularity offers safe, drug-free ingredients to help keep kids regular.* Discover why Pediatricians have made Culturelle® Kids the #1 Pediatrician recommended probiotic.


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