Keep Kids Feeling Like Kids

When your kids have tummy troubles and occasional digestive issues, they’re just not themselves. Help keep your kid's digestive tract healthy and their immune systems strong.* With regular use of Culturelle Kids Probiotic supplements, they can stay happy, healthy, and on-the-go!*

Probiotics for Children

Childhood is a time of development, and as parents we do what we can to encourage the healthy growth of our kids. We give them carrots for their eyes and milk for their bones, but did you know how important it was to establish a healthy micro biome at a young age? A child’s immune system is established during the first few years of their life, with the majority of this development happening within the digestive tract. Plus, as a child grows their digestive system has to adapt to changes in diet, stomach bugs, and even minor fluctuations like when they eat too much sugar. All these changes can result in occasional digestive upset. That is why introducing healthy bacteria into the body at an early stage is a positive step for the digestive and immune health of your child.

By giving your kids a probiotic supplement like Culturelle Kids, you’re introducing good bacteria into their gastrointestinal tract.* Taken every day, this good bacteria helps maintain the natural balance in your child’s digestive and immune system, allowing their bodies to function properly and support their general well-being.* 

Kids can’t always explain what’s troubling them. We can translate! Scroll through common kids’ issues, watch the videos, and find out how Culturelle Kids probiotic supplements can help support a healthy immune and digestive system for your child!*